beats by dr dre solo Long 1.3m OFC headphone cable material

AH-C300 beats by dre australia is relatively the beats by dre beats by dre same as ear design headset the AH-D400, which has a more attractive price, lightweight form factor, and configure the smartphone apps iPhone remote and Denon Club, who love the world's best low-frequency, stressed that the choice of the easy-to-use music enthusiasts and urban influx of people compared unusual seen Ear Headphones AH-C100 black and blue and white styling extraordinarily overhangs. Decorative circle, with the aluminum alloy retained the the Denon headphones usual dignifiedbeats by dre australia as it adds a dash of vitality. Of course, this is not just to meet the sensory stimulation, industrial design, is also necessary. Black shell, made of a resin compound, composition, and a combination of aluminum decorative ring, to achieve resonance-free playback. In its interior, has a 11.5mm diameter, super-efficient neodymium magnet driving unit. We know that, in order to obtain high-quality low-frequency response and no resonance the full frequency interference replay and speakers, the high quality of their own in addition to the drive unit, the design of the enclosure (cabinet) is also very important. beats by dre solo australia Among the AH-C100, it is not only by means of a tuning process to obtain the bass of high quality sound, and is also the use of such composite materials to build the housing is used to beats by dre australiasuppress unnecessary resonance, thereby ensure technically pure music reproduction. Had mixed feelings Denon designer talent: the sound quality and the appearance of a double considerations clever blend together, so that they play a 1 +1> 2 effect. As stated in the Denon own words, as a company more than 100 years of operation of the audio industry, has absolute obsession with their high sound quality. However, the reality that people need headphones does not just stay on the standard of "good" or "fine". , AH-C100 in the ease of use also has a huge breakthrough, to adapt to the needs of the times. beats by dr dre solo Long 1.3m OFC headphone cable material, is a major attraction. Try it wrapped around his hands and then release it slowly, you will find they soon realized the separation. , The headphone wire wound into a ball, "untied, reasonable and chaotic" situation has become "past tense. Y-type cable signal is divided equally to the left and right of the road, to ensure that the sound quality lossless. The headphone jack is deliberately designed into L-shaped addition to the considerations on the convenience, but also in order to allow the connecting end reinforcement, even the impact of external forces, can withstand greater impact than in the past. After all, the process of moving to be foolproof, after all, very particular about the skills of living. As a result, greatly reduce the chance of damage headphones can be considered for the user is beats by dre australia considere. beats by dre australia Comes with large, medium and small models silicone grease (1) Comply foam ear pieces, simply replace worn will be able to find suitable personal style, in addition to ensuring the comfort and the perfect fit, also to completely cut off from outside noise. The three-dimensional contour filling the diamond-shaped wired remote control, the AH-C100 is another selling point. Xu it appears to have become more masculine, yet sophisticated. By-wire at the same time integrated play / pause, fast forward, rewind and microphone for iPhone users, will be able to facilitate the switch on the process calls and music appreciation. Of course, when the source as iPod and iPad News, can also complete manipulation. Denon naturally no exception. Denon Club supporting smartphone applications correspond iOS and Android mobile phone operating system. In addition to assisting the completion of the local music selections (artist, album, song, genre, etc.), can live Internet radio. Information, not limited cases, this kernel in TuneIn Internet radio, you can listen to over 70,000 radio programs, but also a key to listen to the lyrics of the tracks in a number of http://www.beatshifiau.com applications download.

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