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We bring beats by dre Australia you of the beats by dre beats by dre users logobaby Cruiser headphones out of the box article, please hit here have not read a friend to watch. Today we want to bring, users upsCPU110 depth trial articles. This article can be described as multi-mode multi difficult, was originally an issue Edifier H850 headset trial article friends, but because the keywords within the article, divine harmony out. Not to, we found in the cache bubble background article issued again after editing the overall package is quite atmospheric re-granted back to this rescue, give it away fairly shabby and accessories, this headset lacks accessories, box headphones, wire (points open-for-line design), 6.3 to 3.5 adapter (or quite use the headset for early burning and general enthusiasts on hand If this conversion head must not lose a lot of audio equipment will be directly output to 6.3), there is the warranty card and a content of harmful substances card. Here to say, this tray inside a plastic box taste really great, I opened the box is smoked, but the beats by dre australiaheadset . beats by dr dre studio is not any odor. The changeover the headphones jack a close-up, the design is very convenient, it is worth mentioning, wire feel good, visually more than K450 genuine small thin line durable earmuffs the size is not small, just package the ear, wearing comfort and without chuck (prolonged wear no adverse reaction), headphones weight is very small. The larger thickness of the ear pad beats by dre australiaportion sponge cortical material wrapped comfort is better, but not as the Sony ZX700 Comfort Overall, H850 wearing comfort and a good look at the weight there is a carry potential, but a 2M wire ... phenomenon the ... headset Peidaihouji this seamless sound, before SR80i dormitory someone to sleep, then can not be used, and after wearing the external sound isolation. Given the headset for the crowd, now using the equipment for notebook Direct Push Model: Sony EH200C. Trial software foobar2000, not open any equalizer and DSP. beats by dr dre solo We first listen to the classic audition, Miss Boyle "ferry" Began to drum the point of feeling or dive, after following the snare drum point junction as a sense of well, the middle vocal feeling slightly point dry place behind the string sound, but the overall sense of hearing, the majority did not burn feeling of open headphones sound dry, not beats by dre australia lively. Started beats by dre australia solo is pretty good, very clear, guitar grainy feel, I feel very close to 51 seconds or two blow, but did not feel surging behind the vocal performance, but the instrument not comprehensive details of the characterization. Listen to it or burn in, feeling the big unit is not burning machine really dry ... I heard a little bit can not afford to hurt, start forgive received from 4.23, and now 4.30, a conservative estimate of burn in about 100 hours, probably burn in 50 child improve not obvious, I burn in music burn_in_CD home speakers are basically using this cooker works well to recommend this ^ _ ^ can eDonkey feel the burn in front of the search download is the overall sound is very dry, basically can not listen to more than uncomfortable how hard it is, about 12 hours after the burn in that chilled feeling disappears, voices have begun to warm the author probably burn in a day in about 20 hours, and now at least burn for 100 hours, the sense of hearing two days ago, basically stable. The beginning of the classical dive is http://www.hifibeatsaustralia.com still very good.

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