beats by dre wireless relative to the Top quality

but can beats by dre canada feel before with beats by dre beats by dre the burn in obvious extension, and then to the strings in behind the level is very clear, Cai Aunt vocals is also more rounded, the overall impression is a song relatively warm sound, very pleasing ears, details can take care of basic hand SR80i, by contrast, found that low-frequency certainly notbeats by dre canada as good as the SR80i the SR80i is, after all $ 800 Classic God, and open. However two differences of the human voice is not behind the string H850 feel certain modified, contrast is better SR80i bright, but very resistant to the whole song is not large. Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Canada Eagles' "Hotel beats by dre canada California": the start of the guitar solo is still the grainy obvious overtone performance is also good, this is really remarkable. 51 seconds and two percussion sounds close, good atmosphere prominent Fortunately behind accompaniment and vocal performance, the human voice is a bit close but not open headphones accompaniment sound relatively sound three-dimensional feeling worse, IF weak sound density, slightly affect the feel of the entire song, is particularly evident contrast with SR80i, but if not deliberate contrast, just enjoy the song does not have much impact because the H850 is very lightweight, plus easy to push, the author of this Direct Push portable audio player, player ipod classic three generations, the iAudio J3, iRiver U100, iAudio E2, Philips SA028 are good, Direct Push voice with the computer the sound does not quite obvious feeling not move, if you feel the wire length can accept can try to carry (the headphones sound good, do not travel on the street, the bus subway all very well relative to its price, this headset is very super value, with the value of 800 yuan SR80i care about not appreciate metal and no great disadvantage, and H850 basic no sound leakage phenomenon, coupled with direct push effect is very good, comfortable to wear, more suitable for the dorm orbeats by dre canada office use. beats by dre wireless relative to the market with the price of the headphones (HD202, K99, etc.), the headphones have obvious advantages today I had the honor to get the Shenzhen Han sound for sale 500 Limited Collector's Edition Amp3-M test DOME prototype company, according to Voice of Han the person in charge, the sound of the Limited Collector's Edition Amp3-M is a significant upgrade than the voice of the ordinary version, but also recommended to try to use high-impedance headphones or earplugs to try I believe that with the appearance before little difference between the regular version Amp3-M, or past full of sleek smooth appearance of the small cylinder is made of frosted plastic, holding in hands full texture behind Amp3-M Limited Collector's Edition beats by dre canada . edition beats by dre canada and the number of printed precious words seem Voice of Han on the touch panel company hi LOGO shadow into the eye, limited edition operation of Amp3-M Repository with the previous version of exactly the same, tap the up and down arrows on the touch panel is a song switch between, long press the up or down arrow is the size of the volume control, I believe that this mode of operation is simple and neat point there will not be feeling puzzled how such manipulation is back to nature, and because manipulation, find it too the modern new player cumbersome older generation player HIFI headphones players, especially the feeling of belonging. study the appearance of the finished machine, I followed the sound quality performance of the machine in all aspects of musical genres.beats by dre canada By the sound quality test which I used to own a personal favorite earplugs JH13, a DT880PRO 250 of Europe http://www.beatscaservice.com of version.

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