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I briefly beats by dre canada outline the intentionbeats by dreof this selection of these test equipment. JH13 the JH company predecessor is the UE veteran level figures open new avenues out and create a U.S. earplugs business professional to develop a private company, the custom earplugs JH tuning are tend to appreciate the type of UE series mixer with fully listening is a totally different style, emphasis is music taste and Naiting, and JH13 design is 6 unit 3 divided by an iron structure, to ensure a sound equalizer in the author's mind JH13 is a regarded HI-END The level of the ear, so an earplug fully reflect the quality of the player front-end, and the market beats by dre canada is capable of controlling JH13 the front few. Professional studio monitor developed a fully open headphones. The sound than the DT880PRO ordinary version of the DT880 instrument texture better, the extension of the more high-frequency. custom beats canada sale low-frequency overtones relatively reduced, but significantly increased dive depth. I used this test DT880PRO 250Ω version is needed more front end has a huge thrust to drive well, generally the headset are used in desktop systems above, this is a special case used in the carry-on the front end, I hope to give the author bring an unexpected surprise! Introduction of the test equipment, followed down to see the music I used to test the sound quality of the machine: Concerto played by Milstein the head, the big preparation Symphony conducted by Karajan mesh, Dan Chuanzhi crystal in order to more fully test beats by dre canada the sound . beats by dre solo canada quality of the Amp3-M the selections from classical to pop, from pop to alternative ACG denon have.beats by dre canada Is very obvious layering more powerful concerto cello out texture impressive low frequency overtones, the sound field is like living in a small the Opera playing field of VIP Principal seat, and she was extremely limited thrust General, vocalist violin lifelike, high-frequency extension it will not pierced through the sky like a meteor, but at least it just right. Overtones flowing in the ear, it is away, unbelievable that this performance is a 250Ω headphone mini portable audio player can get! JH13 this impedance only 28Ω iron ear instantly active the various dynamic detail on its head, the magnificent sound field full of momentum, a variety of musical instruments arranged neatly precise positioning. Vocalist violin player Milstein pull leisurely waves full of charm, especially in the CLS portion of its wonderful rich expressive music taste, so I was very surprised! WAV format is the same with a song I believe, are you the classical buffs testing HIFI equipment must be used in the preparation track one, so I gossip is not to say, immediately. beats by dre canada enter the test. Silence the beginning of the track, a dark background, which there is no trace of the noise in dim clear division of labor, each group of instruments, each instrument is like stars hanging them in the night sky, shining a faint light. Overtones surrounded the full sense of the low frequency, vigorous momentum because of the domineering, and feeling kind of hastily dispersed, feeling; extended highs a superficial, feel the music transition smooth smooth coherent. Put JH13 sound immediately to break the silence, the the JH13 sensitivity up to 120db, such as Amp3-M front drive, the overall music band that convergence place dynamically sharp, rapid acceleration, a variety of musical instruments instantly active, so amazed full. In the case ofhttp://www.beatscaservice.com losing the detail.

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