spectacular reached beats studio ukunprecedented heights.

By http://www.drbeatsuk.co.ukalleviate the weight, and reasonable adjustment head beam's width and efforts to better the, by now to the today's focus on stage, is Purcell Bell G18 domestic version of Bluetooth listening test, the time of the test author chosen Astell & Kern of AK100 as well as the iPhone 4S phone, AK100 for the evaluation of the Bluetooth 3.0 standard, the author is the the CD ripped WAV format music converted to lossless FLAC format M4A format of 400kbps, 320kbps MP3 format, 192kbps MP3 format. WAV lossless files, FLAC lossless compression, M4A and MP3 are lossy compression format. To dawn "Autumn Dawn", for example, WAV 47.8MB FLAC format to 31MB, M4A to 14MB 320kbps MP3 10.8MB 192kbps MP3 to 6.7MB. View from the bit rate and file size alone can obviously find lossy compression format severe lossy format compression is the compression a sound human auditory system is not sensitive to high-frequency part of the serious and even ignored the MP3 format the 16kHz sound above basically be removed. beats by dre uk But here with you to discuss the question of the format, interested friends can look at some more information. The called human auditory obvious part, generally refers to the part of the eardrum processing human perception of sound in addition to the eardrum outside, your body also passed the media in the inner ear get vibration. I did not obviously feel their voice is very poor quality, the normal average person listening is not a problem, but still very obvious shortcomings in the vocal songs tooth tone more serious sense of high frequency kind of tasted really a bit uncomfortable, and String nuances slight distortion the chaos phenomenon Quintet, high-frequency faint echo. In fact, a lot of people listen to, 192kbps and 320kbps gap is not large, but after a detailed comparison, the human voice, teeth tone significantly improved plumpness has improved, much cleaner sound overall slightly rich details that kinds of high-frequency echo flu has disappeared. The human ear can not tell the difference between 320kbps bitrate MP3 and lossless music topic had traumatic deserted them various war of words continued, the author's point of view is you hear the pursuit hears lossless, listen does not come out, then MP3 chanting, each have a pair of ears, can distinguish between the sound of course, can not be exactly the same. dr dre beats uk During the test, I choose a blind listening, the dawn "Autumn Dawn song five formats on a folder inside loop, blind to listen to speculation that the 13 results 11 correct, 2 times error, 2 times M4A format to listen to became a lossless (2 errors appear in the latter half of the listening may be listening fatigue). While listening, the most easily distinguished 197kbps MP3 format. Purcell Bell G18, or be able to better distinguish between music lossless and lossy difference, in fact, for the most part, 320kbps MP3 format have to meet, as some people have said a thing to height, greater improvements may be required to pay a terrible price. In this evaluation, I used to distinguish between the standard actually mainly by tooth tone and fullness of sound layering to determine and compare the author's unexpected. Purcell Bell G18 leaders as a Bluetooth headset, is still the author heard the best sound quality Bluetooth headset in Model, you can feel the gradual changes enhance music with the bit rate, bit by bit. For general consumers, able to play the audio quality of mobile terminal equipment to the point, it is not easy phone headset and the topic has been common in the evaluation of the various types of headphones, but has long been in the field of mass consumption, the headset has always been as a subsidiary goods there. MP3 popular in the early years of the era, along with popularity of headphones. Phones become the absolute protagonist, despite the use of a mobile phone to listen to music enthusiasts held in contempt, but precisely because of the popularity of the phone this collection of audio and video, games, applications, entertainment terminal, the the headphone industry's spectacular reached beats studio ukunprecedented heights.

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